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Whose A-Line is it anyway?

Whose A-Line is it anyway?

Any time a stylist or magazine editor does a write up about how to dress a pear shape, there is always one major piece of advice: wear A-line.

What is A-Line clothing?

An item of clothing is considered to be A-Line if it has an “A” shape from the waist down. This means it’s a skirt of dress that it is fitted at the waist and flares out. The reason why it is routinely recommended for pear shapes is that it emphasises our defined waists and hides the true girth of our thighs. Therefore, it is considered to be very flattering on a pear.

A-Line dresses

How to find your style of A-Line

When experimenting with A-Line, you should consider the length and the material of the item as well as the location of the darts (if it has any). Full-length maxi styles are beautiful, but if the fabric is too heavy it can hang on the hips and lose shape. If the skirt is calf-length, it can make the calves look wider and give a shorter/frumpier look overall. Darts add slightly more volume, so think about where on your body you want the volume to start. Try different styles and work out which fabrics and skirt lengths make you feel good. As crazy as it sounds, you might want to try a retro petticoat to give a little extra volume!

Where to find A-Line clothes

Searching for “A-line” on a fashion website doesn’t always give the best results. Other terms have become more popular when describing this style. Also try searching skater, 50s, rockabilly or swing.

  • Skater skirts/dresses are a great fit, but tend to be a bit shorter.
  • Rockabilly skirts/dresses usually come to just below the knee – unless you wear a massive petticoat underneath!
  • 50s skirts/dresses are in-between the above two options, around knee-length with just a little volume.
  • Swing skirts/dresses have extra fabric for that swoosh when you move around – very elegant, but might feel bulky.

  Teal skater dress for pears

What do you think of A-line clothes? Are they a key part of your wardrobe?

2 thoughts on “Whose A-Line is it anyway?”

  • Whooo wow . Yikes :). Sorry but I liked this post extra. Of course because I love fashion sooo much loll.

    Great pictures and fashion. Made me blush a little and I learned something. Now I know what a line is. I will sound smart when I use it on my wife loll.

    So how many ladies are conscious of this terminology do you think?

    • You might have to ask your wife, see if she know already! it’s one of those terms I stumble across when online shopping, but they don’t always have an explanation. But it’s not the most confusing term I’ve found. That title goes to the first day I saw a “scuba dress”, ha ha!

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