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Review: Dorothy Perkins “Frankie”

Review: Dorothy Perkins “Frankie”

Avid readers know that when it comes to Dorothy Perkins jeans and trousers, I used to be a Bailey. Then one day it when I went to replace my thoroughly worn out pair, the new pair in the store didn't feel right.

After a bit of online browsing, I found out that I wasn't imagining things: the cut had changed. Ugh, just when I found jeans on which I could totally depend!

My surprise is what I found to replace them. The Frankies. Why was I surprised? Because they are a jegging. I can't believe I actually like a jegging!


I had previously been against jeggings for 3 reasons:

  1. The material is too soft and give no support, so I look like a ham.
  2. There are no belt loops, so with every moment there is a risk of plumber's crack.
  3. They are so thin that they feel, well, risky.


The rise is enough to cover the full pear, and the full length does stop at the ankle, when you pick the right length. Fortunately, there are size options so as a pear who is exactly average height in the UK and slightly more than the average weight, I find I need to buy short length pants. The standard length Frankies seem to be just right.

That's another thing to take into consideration. I'm not sure that all of the fabric options come all the different lengths. The ones I happened to pick up are the super-soft style, which may only be the regular length. But other than being a fraction longer than what I would like, the length fits quite well.


Fit: 4/5
Colour: 4/5 (I'm yet to try other colour, but the black ones I have are holding their colour well)
Comfort: 5/5
Durability: 5/5 (mainly because of the falling fly issue)
Price: 5/5

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