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How TV stylists don’t understand ‘style’

How TV stylists don’t understand ‘style’

Don’t get me started on stylists. I remember watching some makeover show, and in the end every single curvy woman was wearing black and grey. It was all about subtle colours, “minimising” and distracting the eye from “problem areas”. Stylists such as those particular presenters […]

Whose A-Line is it anyway?

Whose A-Line is it anyway?

Any time a stylist or magazine editor does a write up about how to dress a pear shape, there is always one major piece of advice: wear A-line. What is A-Line clothing? An item of clothing is considered to be A-Line if it has an […]

Which suits suit curvy women?

Which suits suit curvy women?

It’s inspiring to see women unite over shared values and good attire. #PantsuitNation became a trend across the US in the run-up to the election, and for good reason: US politics is full of passionate people and Hillary’s pantsuits are pyjamas you can work to work. That’s a good combination for a trend.

Whether you want the promote gender equity in corporate wear, or you just want to be comfy at work, the pantsuit meets your needs. But how do you find one that suits your curvy body?


Secretary Clinton Waves Goodbye to Quito, Ecuador (4686571308) (cropped)Pyjama cut

Casual straight-leg or loose-fit trousers, boxy longline top.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, this style has become the standard when anyone says “pantsuit”. Once upon a time you could get these suits in a pattern, but now it’s about solid colours.

Flicks and flares

Pleated trousers with a slight bootleg, fitted jacket with a flare to the cuff and possibly the waist, giving a peplum effect.

For this look, think Victoria Beckham or Celine Dion. You will see a lot of ladies striding around shiny commercial skyscrapers. This suit is the uniform of sexy power-dressing.

Sneaky culottesYves St Laurent le smoking at deYoung Museum San Francisco

Mid- or full-length culottes, open blazer. Suits don’t have to be stuffy.

You can blend your bohemian sentiments with your corporate job and glide through the office with this flowy, semi-casual look.

Fully fitted

Slim or skinny fit trousers, longer fitted buttoned-up blazer.

Work a slight military vibe. The precision of the lines, the perfectly aligned buttons. It might even be double-breasted. This conservative look can be accessorised for power-dressing or comfort.


  • “I’m in a curvy mood” – Flicks and flare. Work those curves and own it!
  • “I’m in a walking tall mood” – Fully fitted. Strut!
  • “I’m in bold mood” – Sneaky culottes. Get noticed!
  • “I’m in a balanced mood” – Pyjama cut. Cruise through your day with ease!


If you still don’t think the suit is working for you, find out more about how to accessorise a suit, matching heels to trousers, and how to get height without torturing your feet. (posts to come – check back soon!)