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New Shoe Blues

New Shoe Blues

They are beautiful. They are brogues and I’ve been eyeing off a nice shiny pair of brogues for months. I had no idea how mean my new shoes would be!! I wore them over a week ago and the injuries to my feet have not […]

Review: New Look “Yazmin”

Review: New Look “Yazmin”

 I had been hunting around the UK for cheap high-waisted jeans for about a year and could not find any that fit. I finally came across the “Yazmin”. When did jeans all get their own names? I have a “Bailey” in my wardrobe as well. But […]

Swimwear nightmare – the one-piece, one-style-suits-all nonsense

Swimwear nightmare – the one-piece, one-style-suits-all nonsense

Don’t run away now, but I’m going to talk about something that might scare you. It might make the acid in your stomach begin to bubble or hot fury rise up your neck. Swimwear. It’s okay. I’m not going make you try any on. I’m going to vent, because a Who What Wear article appeared in my feed and it made me both angry and queasy. I should have known better than to even bother to read an article entitled “The Most Flattering Swimwear Trend for Any Body Type”, but I generally like WWWear so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. This was possibly a mistake. First, there was the comment that one-pieces are more sexy and shapely than bikinis, giving an example of a flat all-white piece that “double as a bodysuit”. There was a “nude” coloured bodysuit as well. Shapeless underwear doesn’t immediately appeal as beachwear. Speaking of nude, there were a couple of skin-colour items or various shades. Again, I was a little surprised by this. Unless I’m at a nude beach, I don’t really want to look nude. But each to their own. Then there were a few that looked like aprons. But what really brought out my inner Hulk was this: “The most universally flattering type of one-piece is one with a high-cut leg to elongate the leg…” No. So much no. So much no that I could have read that as “Everyone looks great wearing nothing but cling film and whiteboard marker ink”. Are you insane, or do you literally only know people who are roughly the same size and shape?

Why a high-cut one-piece is not “universally flattering”, thank you very much.

  1. “Flattering” is a subjective term, and therefore not universal. Boom.
  2. Leg skin is still skin. Claiming that one-pieces are flattering because they leave something to the imagination, then to suggest wearing a very high-cut leg is somewhat bewildering. (insert pics – which of these two leaves more to the imagination?)
  3. Your choice of swimwear will come down to more than how long it makes your legs look. If you are wide at the thigh and hip, you will look wider and shorter. Yes, your legs might look longer from the side, but you’ll probably look shorter from the front. Cue flashbacks to childhood swimming lessons, when the only swimwear available was high-cut and my mother would insist that it was flattering because it made my legs look longer. All I saw was stumpy gigantic thighs and booblessness. In my mind I looked like a dinted skittle. Thank god that board shorts remerged during my teen years.
  4. Most one-pieces – including all but one in the WWWear post – don’t have support. So if you love your curves, most of these swimsuits will leave you with pancake boobs and wobbling cheeks rather than styled shapeliness.
  5. High-cut swimwear is more likely to give you a wedgie. Whether or not you find a thong flattering is your personal opinion, but hungry-bum in swimwear is certainly uncomfortable.
Not to completely unfair to the post, there were 3 swimsuits (out of 19 pictured) that I would try on. Lacy suit – supportive and fun! Chic cleavage gap suit – solid, but stylish (depending on your boob requirements) Cutaway number - if you want to show a bit more skin Racing zip suit - Sporty look, great for gym pool.

Check out the original WWWear post to see them all.

These are my thoughts, what do you think?
Just the thing this Spring – get the look the easy way

Just the thing this Spring – get the look the easy way

This season may just be your laziest one yet You know spring is here when you are colder now than you were last week when it was still winter. Go figure. But the other key indicator is in the shop windows because flowers are everywhere. […]

Pear Flair on the go – now added to Bloglovin’

Pear Flair on the go – now added to Bloglovin’

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’m working on getting Pear Flair onto Feedly as well. Any other requests for blog readers and other feeds?

When grey or blue just won’t do – 5 tips for making the corporate look your own

When grey or blue just won’t do – 5 tips for making the corporate look your own

Job interview day. You want to look smart. It’s a conservative establishment so you want to look as though you will toe the line. But you don’t want to get lost in the crowd either. Or you might not actually own anything conservative! What do you do? Keep these 5 tips in mind and you will have the look that will get you in the door and keep your sparkle and zazziness oh show!

5 tips to making the corporate look your own

1.       When is a suit not a suit? When it’s just good coordination

Technically, a suit is an outfit of two of more pieces of outerwear made from the same material and designed to be worn together. So, contrary to what you may have been told, your Primark or Matalan suit is still a “real” suit*. You can fake this look with some sensible coordination. As long as there is a colour connecting your blazer/jacket with your bottom half, you will look coordinated and well put together. The easiest option for this is to wear black skirt/trousers, black top, black shoes and then all you need to decide on is the blazer. *I love Primark corporate wear. Very affordable and sturdier than their regular daywear.

2.       Tame your self-expression to one item (plus shoes)

In order to pull off a reserved, conservative look you may need to wear colour combinations that are more subdued to what you would prefer. The corporate standard colours are black, navy and grey. Hardly inspiring. But you can splash out on some personality if you use colour as an accent. A psychedelic blouse under a dark suit. A giant brooch on your plain lapel. All in black with a chunky necklace and bright shoes. Play around and see what looks you come up with.
5 tips to make the corporate look your own
Funky lanyards can give you the bright colours you crave

3.       Make sure you are comfortable

If you’re not comfortable in what you are wearing, it will come through during the interview. Once you’re in that room you don’t want anything at all distracting you from giving killer answers and charming everyone in the room. It gets hard to do that if you don’t feel like yourself, or if your zipper is stabbing you in the hip. Which brings us to the next point…

4.       Only wear what genuinely fits you

There is no point turning up to an interview in a fabulous suit if it doesn’t show you in all your true fabulousness. If you’re shopping for a new suit and you know that your top and bottom halves are different sizes, don’t waste your time on items on which you can’t mix-&-match the sizes. Look for coordinated piece you can match yourself and if the store doesn’t sell any just shop elsewhere. Better that than having a wonderful skirt with an oversized jacket If the lining of a dress of skirt is what’s letting you down, just cut it. It’s not the end of the world, nobody will see it and it’s better than your interview hearing a giant ripping sound as the lining at the back of your legs finally gives way!

5.       Pack spare accessories

If you've got some space free in your bag, think about packing a change of earrings and necklace. That way if you feel a little conscious about your choice, you can swap. If all it takes to boost your confidence is a back-up in your bag it's worth it, don't you think?   Have you got any extra tips? Please share in the comments below.
Walk It Off – how to wear high heels comfortably

Walk It Off – how to wear high heels comfortably

Stilettos. Those brutal match sticks we’ve all tottered around in, looking gorgeous on the outside and feeling cursed on the inside. Blisters, burning, balancing and, for some of us, a fear that the heel might just break off. So we tried wedges, kitten heels and […]

How TV stylists don’t understand ‘style’

How TV stylists don’t understand ‘style’

Don’t get me started on stylists. I remember watching some makeover show, and in the end every single curvy woman was wearing black and grey. It was all about subtle colours, “minimising” and distracting the eye from “problem areas”. Stylists such as those particular presenters […]

Whose A-Line is it anyway?

Whose A-Line is it anyway?

Any time a stylist or magazine editor does a write up about how to dress a pear shape, there is always one major piece of advice: wear A-line.

What is A-Line clothing?

An item of clothing is considered to be A-Line if it has an "A" shape from the waist down. This means it's a skirt of dress that it is fitted at the waist and flares out. The reason why it is routinely recommended for pear shapes is that it emphasises our defined waists and hides the true girth of our thighs. Therefore, it is considered to be very flattering on a pear. A-Line dresses

How to find your style of A-Line

When experimenting with A-Line, you should consider the length and the material of the item as well as the location of the darts (if it has any). Full-length maxi styles are beautiful, but if the fabric is too heavy it can hang on the hips and lose shape. If the skirt is calf-length, it can make the calves look wider and give a shorter/frumpier look overall. Darts add slightly more volume, so think about where on your body you want the volume to start. Try different styles and work out which fabrics and skirt lengths make you feel good. As crazy as it sounds, you might want to try a retro petticoat to give a little extra volume!

Where to find A-Line clothes

Searching for "A-line" on a fashion website doesn't always give the best results. Other terms have become more popular when describing this style. Also try searching skater, 50s, rockabilly or swing.
  • Skater skirts/dresses are a great fit, but tend to be a bit shorter.
  • Rockabilly skirts/dresses usually come to just below the knee - unless you wear a massive petticoat underneath!
  • 50s skirts/dresses are in-between the above two options, around knee-length with just a little volume.
  • Swing skirts/dresses have extra fabric for that swoosh when you move around - very elegant, but might feel bulky.
  Teal skater dress for pears What do you think of A-line clothes? Are they a key part of your wardrobe?

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