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About Pear Flair

About Pear Flair

Hello! I’m guessing that you are here because you are like me. It takes you ages to find clothes that fit because you aren’t one size all over, and your glorious derriere and thunder thighs just won’t sit right in most outfits. I HEAR YOU! I’m a pear-shape. At one stage I was a size 14 bust, size 12 waist and a size 20 hip!!! I couldn’t find a fitting dress or one-piece swimsuit for years!!!

I went online for guidance and didn’t find a lot that could help me. Sample size clothing (sizes 4-10) was too small and plus-size (size 16 and up) didn’t have the right shape (too big around the waist and bust). The so-called “in-between” sizes often don’t quite work on a pear.

There were a few specialty outfits, but who wants to pay over £100 for a pair of jeans? Unless they are some kind of magical hover-pants that let me literally walk on air, I’m not paying that.

Where on earth are budget-conscious bottom-heavy ladies meant to shop?

I decided to try to answer that question. There is no one store for pear-shaped women. But I will not give up. I am determined to make dressing a pear-shape fun, easy and affordable! Let’s show off our Pear Flair!

Find me on the socials, ask me anything you like and let me know what help you need to give flair to your pear!

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